XCH Biomedical cooling incubator provides precise temperature control for reliable results in pharmaceutical, industrial testing, food, cosmetics, and microbiological research. XCH Biomedical's cooling incubator is truly universal in microbiological laboratory work. Combines excellent performance and low energy consumption. Each XCH refrigerated incubator provides real added value with its exemplary environmental sustainability.  

We are guaranteed by a professional Chinese Laboratory Incubator manufacturer to provide the best quality service and the best price.

temperature chamber,thermostatic incubator
Water jacketed thermostatic incubator temperature chamber

The water jacketed incubator is used for storing bacteria and biological culture for colleges, universities, medicine, and biological scientific research departments. It is an essential equipment for scientific research laboratories...

Model: 9050GHP~9270GHP
Environment temperature: +5 ~ 30℃

Temperature Fluctuation ≤ ±0.3℃

Temperature Uniformity ≤ ±0.5℃(@37℃)

Timing Range: 1-9999min
Power: AC 220V±10% 50HZ
Optional : printer or RS485 interface

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Laboratory incubator,Biochemical incubator,Industrial incubator
Low Cost Biochemical Laboratory incubator cooling incubator

This Biochemical Laboratory incubator uses the latest air duct system to achieve the best level of uniformity of temperature and humidity in different positions inside the chamber. Polyurethane foam technology is adopted, good insulation, energy saving. Ideal for school laboratories,clinical and industrial for physicians' offices,etc. also as a general-purpose warming cabinet.

Model: 150LRH~500LRH

TEMP: 0~60℃

Capacity: 150L~500L

• Installed Power: AC220V±10% 50HZ
• Environment temperature: +5~35℃
• Optional: Humidity display fuction,data storage,data printing

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