XCH Biomedical Environmental Test Chamber as a standard product provides various sizes to meet your needs. Used in temperature and humidity test of electrical and electronic products, materials, textiles, pharmaceutical packaging, etc.

XCH Biomedical, a professional Environmental test Chamber manufacturer. Offering a comprehensive line of temperature and humidity test chamber, thermal test chamber, low temperature test chamber, climate chamber laboratory, high temp high humidity test chamber etc. High precision. Competitive Price. Factory Direct.

  • high and low temperature test chamber
    High And Low Temperature Humidity Alternating Test Chamber
    Temp.: -40℃-150℃, Humidity: 20%-98%

    XCH JSB Series is a temperature & humidity chamber with high and low temperature Chamber. Through the test and detection, so as to judge whether the performance of the product meets the design requirements for testing.

    Model: 100JSB-1000JSB

    TEMP Range: -40-150

    Installed Power: AC220V±10% 50HZ

    Environment temperature: +5~35℃

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