Photo Stability Test Chamber, Medicine Stability Chamber,
Strong Medicine Photostability Test Chamber

XCH-TPS medicine high-light stability chambers is equipped with visible light and near-ultraviolet lamp tube, Medicine Stability Chamber can independently control the type of light source, and can print and record visible light illumination and near-ultraviolet radiation in real time. Visible light and near-ultraviolet can be directly set, automatically adjusted and precisely controlled.

Model: 150TPS~500TPS

TEMP Range: 15~50℃

Fluctuation: <±0.5℃

TEMP Deviation: < ±2.0℃(SAME LEVEL)
Light Range: Visible light range: 100 ~ 8000LUX
Total illumination should not be less than 1.2 x 10^6Lux·hr
UV range: NUV range: 0.84 ~ 5w/m squared; The near-UV energy is no less than 200w•hr/㎡
UV wavelength: NUV wavelength: 320 ~ 400nm;

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Walk-In Stability Chamber, Walk-In Stability test Chamber
Walk-in Constant Temperature and Humidity Stability Chamber
The XCH-SD Series newly airway system designed achieves uniform of temperature and humidity form different parts inside the chamber. The inner wall and duct plate are made of stainless steel 304. Observation window of hollow tempered glass with electrothermal film.

Temperature Range: 20~ 50℃

Temperature Fluctuation≤ ±0.5℃

Temperature Deviation≤ ±1.0℃

Humidity Range40~80%RH(or 2080%RH);

Humidity Deviation≤ ±3.0%RH

Test Points Optional40℃ /75%RH25℃ /60%RH30℃ /65%RH

40℃ /25%RH25℃ /40%RH25℃ /60%RH

Low Temperature Laboratory: 2 8℃

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