Thchamber offers a comprehensive service, starting with the purchase of your equipment.

The warranty period is one year, and the service is given priority on working days. Professional after-sales engineers provide 24-hour online service.

Tailored contract conditions: equipment maintenance and calibration reminder services.

We will notify you in advance of your upcoming maintenance, calibration and certification dates and take care of them so you can focus on your work. Regular remote technical services provide you with quality management and workflow security.

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2. Common Error:




1. No power indication

1.The power cord is not plugged in or disconnected

2.Open fuse

1.Insert the power plug, check the power cord

2. Replace the fuse

2. The temperature in the box does not rise

1. The set temperature is too low

2. The temperature controller is damaged.

3.The electric heater is damaged

1. Adjust the set temperature 2. Replace the temperature controller

3. Replace the electric heater


3. The PV of the meter displays "0000" or the numbers are string up and down.

The temperature sensor is damaged.

Replace the temperature sensor.

4. Abnormal over temperature alarm

1. The set temperature is too low

2. The temperature controller is damaged

1. Adjust the set temperature 2.Replace the temperature controller


5. Humidity does not go up

Over-temperature setting is too low

Set over-temperature value correctly, between 55-60

The fan does not rotate

Check and confirm that the fan resistance is too large or the capacitor is damaged, and replace the fan or capacitor of the same type

There is a problem with the sensor

Replace the sensor of the same type

The water level of the water tank is not enough; the position of the water cup is high.

Fill up with water; Adjust the position of the water cup


There is no water in the humidification shallow water tank, and the water level alarm will act.

Check the waterway to make the waterway unblocked. The float action should have on-off action, without replacing the float.

Wet bulb sensor is deviated

Replace sensor

6. The evaporator is frosted or the inner liner is frosted.

Open the door frequently when it is at low temperature.

Stop cooling and dry it at 80 degrees, which may reduce the number of door openings.

The lead hole is not tightly sealed

Cover with rubber stopper during low temperature

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