Photo Stability Test Chamber, Medicine Stability Chamber
Photostability Test Chamber, Temperature Stability Chamber XCH-500TPS

XCH-500TPS temperature stability chamber, is a quality Photostability Chamber, equipped with visible light and near-ultraviolet lamp tube, Medicine Stability Chamber can independently control the type of light source, and can print and record visible light illumination and near-ultraviolet radiation in real time. Visible light and near-ultraviolet can be directly set, automatically adjusted and precisely controlled.

Model: 500TPS

TEMP Range: 15~50℃

Fluctuation: <±1℃

TEMP Deviation: < ±2.0℃(SAME LEVEL)
Light Range: Visible light range: 100 ~ 8000LUX
Total illumination should not be less than 1.2 x 10^6Lux·hr
UV range: NUV range: 0.84 ~ 5w/m squared; The near-UV energy is no less than 200w•hr/㎡
UV wavelength: NUV wavelength: 320 ~ 400nm;

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