High And Low Temperature Humidity Alternating Test Chamber

XCH JSB High And Low Temperature Humidity Chamber is through the test and detection, so as to judge whether the performance of the product meets the design requirements for testing.

Model: 100JSB-1000JSB

TEMP Range: -40-150

Installed Power: AC220V±10% 50HZ

Environment temperature: +5~35℃

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High And Low Temperature Humidity Alternating Test Chamber

XCH JSB Series High And Low Temperature Humidity Alternating Test ChamberTemperature Controlled Medicine Storage Refrigerator is • Suitable for electrical and electronic products, aerospace products, auto parts, various electronic components in high temperature, low temperature, humid and hot environment storage, transportation and use of the adaptability test, through the test and detection, so as to judge whether the performance of the product meets the design requirements for testing.

Key Features:

• Airduct System: Adopt the latest airduct system design achieves good uniform of temperature and humidity form different parts inside the chamber.

• Chamber Materials:The exterior is coated with high quality steel plate,The liner is made of mirror stainless steel 304

• Refrigeration System: The imported fully enclosed industrial compressor, high efficiency, low noise, stable continuous operation.

• Control system: Programmable chromatic touch screen controller,With multi - segment program and constant value function

• Data management: With electronic data storage function,Data can be exported by USB flash drive.

• Safety Device: Compres or overheat protection and overload protection;Fan overheating protection;Temperature upper and lower limit deviation alarm;Independent

• Emperature control accuracy: Temperature Fluctuation < ±0.5℃ ,Temperature Deviation < ±2.0℃

• Humidity control accuracy: Humidity deviation < ±3%RH(Humidity deviation > 75%RH),Humidity deviation< ±5%RH(Humidity deviation ≤ 75%RH)

• Temperature control rate: Heating Rising Rate: 1 ~ 3℃ /Min;Cooling Fall Rate: 0.7 ~ 1℃ /Min

• Installed Power: AC220V±10% 50HZ

• Environment temperature: +5~35℃

Test Chamber  specification:

TEMP Range ( ℃ )
HUM Range (RH)
Capacity (L)
Shelf (Standard) 
40 ~ 150
20 ~ 98%
100 450×450×500 
40 ~ 150
20 ~ 98%
250 600×600×700
40 ~ 150
20 ~ 98%
500 800×700×900
40 ~ 150
20 ~ 98%
1000 1000×1000×1000

Remark: Different temperature and humidity range can be customized.


High sensitivity, low annual drift
High precision

Safety,with alarm system

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