XCH Biomedical constant temperature test chamber is designed to test the product performance at constant temperature by simulating room temperature conditions. It can analyze and evaluate whether the tested product meets international standards, and provide a good reference for the product development stage. It is widely used in electronics, telecommunications, automobiles, packaging, aerospace, electronic products, medicine and other industries.

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Single Door Constant Temperature Test Chamber

Constant temperature test chamber, a perfect stability climatic chamber, equipped with programmable color touch screen controller. It was used in temperature and humidity test chamber of electrical and electronic products, materials, textile, medicine package, etc.

Model: 150CT-500CT

Temp.Range: 10℃~100℃

Temperature Fluctuation: <±0.5℃

Temperature deviation:<±1.0℃

Humidity deviation:<±3%RH(control humidity>75%RH), <±5%RH(control humidity≤75%RH)

Power: AC 220V±10% 50HZ

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