According to the different range of temperature control, laboratory incubators are applied to different fields. XCH Biomedical have biochemical incubator,widely used for research and production departments such as environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, agriculture, livestock and aquatic products, drug testing, cell culture, etc. ; Incubator For Bacterial Culture, Mainly mold incubator. The mold incubator is a special constant temperature equipment for water body analysis BOD detection, mold and other microorganism cultivation, widely used for research institutes of health and epidemic prevention, agriculture, livestock and aquatic products. Beside, we have incubator for industrial, heated incubators are used in medical and health, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and agricultural science and other scientific research and industrial production departments for bacterial cultivation, fermentation and constant temperature testing.

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We are a leader in helping research professionals around the world create better science, and use the advanced temperature and humidity control technology to create better conditions for scientific research.

Our partners mainly include Universities, Research Labs, Industries, Government.

temperature chamber,thermostatic incubator,water jacketed incubator
Water jacketed thermostatic incubator temperature chamber

The water jacketed incubator is used for storing bacteria and biological culture for colleges, universities, medicine, and biological scientific research departments. The water jacketed incubator is an essential equipment for scientific research laboratories...

Model: 9050GHP~9270GHP
Environment temperature: +5 ~ 30℃

Temperature Fluctuation ≤ ±0.3℃

Temperature Uniformity ≤ ±0.5℃(@37℃)

Timing Range: 1-9999min
Power: AC 220V±10% 50HZ
Optional : printer or RS485 interface

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Benchtop Heating Incubator,Constant Temperature Incubator,Constant climate chamber
Industrial Benchtop Electric Heating Constant Temperature Incubator

The electric heating incubator is an incubator with excellent temperature uniformity. The digital bacteriological incubator Equipped with a special temperature controller, fast induction, small system error.

Model: 9050DHP~9600DHP
Environment temperature: +5 ~ 35℃

Temperature Fluctuation ≤ ±0.5℃

Temperature Uniformity ≤ ±1.5℃(@37℃)
• Timing Range: 1-9999min
• Power: AC 220V±10% 50HZ
• Optional : printer or RS485 interface

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Temperature chamber,Constant climate chamber,Mildew incubator
Low Cost Mildew incubator Constant temperature chamber

Digital Bacteriological Incubator for Microbial culture research, such as bacteria, mold, microbial culture, preservation, plant cultivation, and breeding experiments. The Mildew incubator Loved by research institutes at home and abroad.

-- LCD program controller

-- Standard data storage and printing
-- With UV disinfection lamp

Model: 150MJ~1000MJ/MJS
Temp.Range: 0℃~60℃
Humi.Range: 40~90%RH Fluctuation: ±0.5℃
Deviation: ±1.0℃

Capacity: 150L~1000L

Environment temperature: +5 ~ 35℃

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Laboratory incubator,Biochemical incubator,bod cooling incubator
Low Cost Biochemical Laboratory incubator cooling incubator

This Biochemical Laboratory incubator Mildew incubator uses the latest air duct system to achieve the best level of uniformity of temperature and humidity in different positions inside the chamber. The bod cooling incubator Polyurethane foam technology is adopted, good insulation, energy saving. Ideal for school laboratories,clinical and industrial for physicians' offices,etc. also as a general-purpose warming cabinet.

Model: 150LRH~500LRH

TEMP: 0~60℃

Capacity: 150L~500L

• Installed Power: AC220V±10% 50HZ
• Environment temperature: +5~35℃
• Optional: Humidity display fuction,data storage,data printing

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