XCH Biomedical vacuum drying ovens are most commonly used for delicate drying processes, such as drying tiny parts or removing flammable solvents. The low pressure environment can also minimize oxidation during the drying process. Applications include drying, curing, aging, vacuum embedding, and electroplating. Vacuum digital display, standard vacuum pump. It is widely used in electronic products and research application fields such as biochemistry, chemical pharmacy, medical treatment, agriculture, environmental protection and so on.

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Laboratory Vacuum Drying Oven with Pump

XCH high precision vacuum drying oven for laboratory, used for temperature or gas sensitive vacuum drying and storage. The vacuum drying oven is suitable for hot places in a vacuum environment such as defoaming, dehydration, hardening and drying after cleaning treatment in the production process of electronic products.

Model: 6050ZK-6500ZK

Environment temperature: +5 ~ 35℃
Temperature Fluctuation: ±1.0℃

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1℃

Power: AC 220V±10% 50HZ

Vacuum degree: vacuum indicator display

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