XCH Biomedical designs and manufactures a broad range of custom and standard test chambers for a multitude of industries including Medical and life sciences, scientific research, industrial production, aerospace products, electrical and electronic products, auto parts, packaging, materials, textiles, and more. The company has its own standard workshop and sheet metal processing equipment. And constant temperature debugging laboratory, passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and CE certification, and obtained corresponding production qualifications.

  • Medical and Life Science
    Medical and Life Science
    From syringes, vaccines to pacemakers, the medical industry needs to understand the limitations of temperature, use and storage, and the manufacturing and research and development of products need to be strictly controlled. XCH Biomedical provide various environmental test chamber and test chamber for stability testing and storage of products or tools in the medical field to ensure effectiveness a...
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  • Industrial
    XCH Biomedical laboratory drying oven is divided into Vacuum Drying oven and Electric Thermostatic Air Drying Oven. Vacuum Drying oven is suitable for the drying after degeneration, dehydration, hardening and cleaning treatment in the production process of electronic products. Electric dry heat ovens are suitable for drying, baking, aging test, glassware drying, drying sterilization and processing...
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  • Biotechnology
    XCH Biomedical have biochemical incubator,widely used for research and production departments such as environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, agriculture, livestock and aquatic products, drug testing, cell culture, etc. 
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  • Aerospace
    The aerospace industry is constantly changing. Every aircraft must be able to withstand high altitudes while being safe, efficient and reliable. XCH Biomedical contributes to the aerospace industry with a wide range of thermal test chambers and atmospheric simulators. Thchamber's team can customize your equipment to meet your exact needs.
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  • Electronic
    Often prone to overheating, electronics-based products require proper temperature endurance testing. Understanding the limitations a product may have due to temperature will allow manufacturers to adjust product designs or put necessary warning labels on products to ensure proper use and storage conditions. XCH Biomedical's test chambers offer a variety of condition-based test environments that si...
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  • Auto Parts
    Auto Parts
    Environmental testing of auto parts Various parts make up the cars we drive today. Everything from the tires to the steering column is tested for durability and reliability. Environmental testing is performed to expose automotive batteries and components to various temperature and humidity conditions that can affect performance and durability. XCH Biomedical provides climatic test chambers used by...
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  • Packaging
    Packaging industry environmental test chamber Proper packaging methods are used in nearly every market for production-to-consumer shipping. According to supply chain trends, the demand for industrial packaging has grown and will continue to move forward due to the establishment of new packaging standards for the international transport of goods. Industrial shipping requires condition-controlled pa...
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  • Textile
    Textile Environmental Testing   Textiles are composed of different fibers arranged in a variety of ways to create the durability, strength, appearance, and texture expected of a fabric. Fibers include natural, vegetable, animal, man-made and synthetic. After preparing the fibers, the next step in the process is spinning the fibers into yarn. Next is fabric production. Fabrics can be manufactu...
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  • Materials
    Environmental testing of materials, rubber and plastic products When making any rubber or plastic based product, it is critical to test whether it will withstand prolonged use by consumers or for its purpose. A container made of plastic or a tire made of rubber should have a predetermined usage expectation. Testing of these products requires an environmental test chamber or a temperature and humid...
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