Choosing a Pharmaceutical Vaccine Refrigerator Apr 27, 2022
Suitable location

The placement of vaccine refrigerators is critical. Adequate space is required around medical refrigerators for ventilation. For most vaccine refrigerators, about 30mm of clearance is required on each side of the refrigerator. There are several models of vaccine refrigerators that are designed not to require ventilation gaps at all.

It's best to place your refrigerator in an insulated room, rather than against an exterior wall that can get hot and cold with the weather. The size of the location also affects the refrigerator capacity you can install.

The capacity of vaccine/pharmacy refrigerators needs to be able to safely store vaccines for peak demand, such as pre-flu programs. Overpackaging must be avoided as this can block cold air circulation and put vaccines at risk. For this reason, it is generally advisable to exercise caution and get a slightly larger vaccine refrigerator instead of a slightly smaller one. Vaccine and pharmacy refrigerators are divided into three main capacity ranges:

– Under the counter/tabletop vaccine, the capacity of the refrigerator is usually about 130 to 160 liters.
– Vertical Pharmaceutical Vaccine Refrigerators typically have a capacity of 350 to 650 liters.
– Custom Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with a capacity of approximately 600 liters and above.

External alert
If you plan to connect your vaccine refrigerator to your business's alarm system, make sure the vaccine refrigerator allows you to do so. The Thchamber refrigerator is ready for wiring to an external alarm. Thchamber refrigerator must be selected for external alarm.

Data logger
Consider purchasing a vaccine refrigerator with a data logger. The data logger electronically records temperature readings at set intervals. The stored data can then be downloaded to a computer. Data loggers can be used to audit and establish a record pattern of vaccine refrigerators over time. They're especially handy for determining whether refrigerators over 8 degrees Celsius are doing so within the critical 15 minutes allowed.

Alert notification
Thchamber refrigerators are now equipped with an alarm system that can send an alert via SMS or email if the temperature inside the refrigerator falls outside the desired range. Thchamber also offers temperature monitoring solutions that can be used with existing vaccines or laboratory refrigerators.

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