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Configuring Your Lab Oven

Configuring Your Lab Oven

Feb 15, 2022
Laboratory ovens or laboratory drying ovens are high temperature ovens that are standard equipment in most clinical, forensic, electronic, materials processing and research laboratories. They provide uniform and precise temperature control for functions such as heating, baking, evaporation, sterilization and other industrial laboratory functions.

Laboratory oven temperatures typically range from ambient to over 300°C. They are available in gravity (natural), mechanical (forced) convection and vacuum pumps for conventional heating and drying applications. For laboratories with temperature uniformity, stability and accuracy requirements, advanced protocol ovens are available to meet such demanding requirements.

Laboratory ovens are widely used in industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and materials manufacturing. These industries often require the processes of baking, curing, annealing and drying materials with different chemical and physical compositions. The end results of many of these process applications are unique and therefore require various types of laboratory ovens.

What to Consider Before Buying an Oven for Your Facility?

There are certain things you must keep in mind before choosing the right oven for your process. Let's take a brief look at them.

Determine the application: The first step in configuring an oven is to determine its application. There is a wide range of heating applications. Drying boxes are usually used for the following purposes:
paint curing
polymer curing
Adhesive cure
product drying

Also, you have to consider the environment in which the oven will be used. If you're using it in a lab, you can opt for a small oven that has the ability to produce test results.

China vacuum Drying oven

The oven is designed to remove moisture from the oven to dry samples as quickly as possible. The dry box process quickly dries the sample by introducing fresh dry air into the chamber while exhausting warm moist air. Drying ovens provide high performance drying and heating. You'll notice that ovens are more expensive than standard lab ovens, mainly because ovens have drying capabilities that lab ovens lack. An oven requires an airflow system that can extract moisture from the air, which may or may not be necessary depending on your requirements.

Laboratory oven

Laboratory ovens, on the other hand, are designed to heat samples only. Unlike a drying oven, a lab oven will circulate the same air indoors. Therefore, laboratory ovens can only provide heating. A lab oven is a more cost-effective option than a drying oven and would be a suitable option if all you need is heating functionality. You may notice that lab ovens have a higher temperature range than drying ovens, so make sure the oven you choose can reach your desired temperature.

In addition, you have to consider several other factors such as maximum operating temperature, type of material to be dried in the oven, maximum weight to be dried in an hour, etc. Reliable manufacturer. XCH Biomedical is one of the leading china drying oven manufacturers.

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