Looking for the best environmental chamber manufacturer Nov 16, 2021
What is a stability test chamber?

Most stability test chambers are similar to a large scientific refrigerator. Their function is not to keep the contents cool, but to replicate changes in temperature, humidity, and light for a long time. This is crucial when a pharmaceutical company wants to bring a new product to the market.

Changes in temperature, humidity, and light are closely related to the recommended shelf life of medicines. If you check your medicine cabinet, you will most likely find the "expiration date" on prescriptions and headache medicines.

We will focus on medicines here, but they are equally applicable to many products whose performance and reliability must remain unchanged under many climatic conditions around the world.

Before you buy a test room, you must first determine the standard you want to test. These will determine the specific test room you need. When you need to pick up the phone, you will also know what you are looking for. I hope the manufacturer has stock and can give it to you in time.

However, the inventory exceeds the availability. Check the manufacturer's website. Are the sizes and types of the listed models different-temperature and humidity, temperature control, etc.? Does it come with a standard and high-performance test chamber? What are its customization options and upgrades?

These may not apply to you, but more products show that the manufacturer has a solid team of engineers behind its products, and has done a good enough job in sales, it is worth choosing a variety of test boxes.

The best test room manufacturers maintain communication for a long time after the initial transaction and provide support when needed. Many provide free replacement parts and services during the warranty period after your purchase. Also, look for the types of troubleshooting available so that you don't always have to rely on external services to keep running and identify the problem before you bring in the service team.

However, the real difference lies in the long-term maintenance plan. You must perform preventive quarterly and annual maintenance to keep your test room running. Look for factory service employees instead of HVAC technicians. If you can cooperate with the manufacturer's service department for maintenance, that would be an advantage. They understand the intricate details of environmental test chambers, which are much more complicated than typical HVAC maintenance and repairs. In addition, working with factory services can help you build a working relationship that you can turn to when problems or problems arise.

Want to know what the best environmental test chamber manufacturer must provide? Contact XCH Biomedical to learn how we use the latest laboratory technology and solutions to provide services to companies from all walks of life.

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The company is backed by scientific research institutes, exerts its own talent advantages, and continuously applies the latest achievements to products. The R&D team led by researchers and Ph.D. thermal engineering has always been serious and rigorous; we understand that you are under pressure to quickly introduce new products to the market. Products must be tested under various conditions to ensure their quality and reliability.

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1. Biological field: Use biotechnology to conduct environmental tests on new products. Provide sophisticated experiment and test equipment to ensure product reliability.
2. Medical field: From syringes, vaccines to pacemakers, the medical industry needs to understand the limitations of temperature, use and storage, and strictly control the manufacturing and research and development of products. We provide various environmental test chambers and test chambers for stability testing and storage of products or tools in the medical field to ensure effectiveness and reliability.

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