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The lab freezer market in the form of COVID-19

The lab freezer market in the form of COVID-19

Oct 08, 2021
The ultra-low temperature refrigerator market will continue to grow at a compound type.
In 2019, the industry share of ultra-low temperature refrigerators was US$470 million. Due to the increase in funding for drug discovery in the biomedical field, it may grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.7% by 2026.

We can attribute the growth rate to several factors:
Increased research and work on vaccine production and storage under the raging situation of the coronavirus COVID-19.
Funding in the biomedical and life science industries has generally increased.
Raise awareness and demand for organ donation.
Increase genomic research.
More economically sustainable technology.

Although the search for the coronavirus vaccine is proceeding at full speed, a key issue is the correct collection, labeling, storage and transportation of COVID-19 specimens to the CDC laboratory for testing. One of the procedures specified in the CDC's interim guidance is that shipments of coronavirus specimens must be stored at 2-8⁰C and transported overnight on ice packs for testing within 72 hours. If delays in transportation are expected, the samples must be stored at -70⁰C or lower.
So how to choose a laboratory freezer or refrigerator for coronavirus vaccines and other temperature-critical products has become very important.

Ensure that refrigerators and freezers used for safe and reliable vaccine storage have the following characteristics:
Microprocessor control to ensure ultra-low temperature for science, laboratory and vaccine storage.
Temperature graphs and alarms make it easy to maintain consistent records.
Specially designed refrigeration system to prevent temperature fluctuations and freezing.
The fan forces air circulation to achieve a uniform internal temperature.
The interior design conforms to CDC guidelines to ensure stable conditions for sensitive materials.
NIST calibration temperature display.
Reliable preset temperature control technology.
The externally visible temperature display at eye level allows easy and quick temperature monitoring.

For capacity requirements, please refer to thchamber for laboratory freezer options for determining refrigeration capacity requirements.

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