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Choose the right-sized environmental chamber

Choose the right-sized environmental chamber

Nov 09, 2021
Advances in data storage, sensors, flexible circuit technology, 5G, Bluetooth, 3D printing, and batteries are just some of the evolving innovations in healthcare.

This growth is driven by consumer demand and technological advancements, making healthcare more accessible-which means putting the industry directly in the hands of consumers. Thanks to healthcare IT innovations, we can access our medical records online and participate in telemedicine appointments that are vital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To understand the importance of temperature and humidity environmental testing, just look at the map. The products that drive our lives should work in all climates.

The phone should operate in the dry heat of the Arizona desert and the high humidity of the Atlantic coast. The same is true for life-saving medical equipment, automobiles, airplanes, etc. The company tests these products under controlled environmental conditions to confirm that they work as designed and understand their failure points. By doing so, these companies can set expectations for consumers or work to fix potential deficiencies before entering the market.

The environmental testing process requires great attention to detail. The surrounding room conditions need to be just right. The test room needs a certain amount of clearance in all directions. You need to precisely control the conditions of your internal work area to meet standards with strict testing guidelines. Depending on the product you are testing, the size of the test load, and the creation of optimal airflow, your size may also be limited.

In some cases, one thing you can control is the size of the laboratory. This obviously does not apply to companies that require walk-in rooms or other rooms with larger internal working spaces. However, you can choose a temperature and humidity environmental chamber. This style can achieve the same effective test as the large-scale temperature and humidity test chamber, and increase the benefits of mobility and floor space optimization.

The single-door temperature and humidity environmental laboratory is mainly used to test the adaptability and use of electronics, electrical appliances, food, automobiles, rubber and plastics, metals and other products, parts and materials in high and low temperature alternating humid and hot environments during storage and transportation.

Main feature:
◆ Using the latest air duct system design, the temperature and humidity of different positions in the box have good uniformity of temperature and humidity
◆ Original imported fully enclosed compressor to ensure long-term continuous operation of the equipment
◆ Original imported chip capacitive humidity sensor, high sensitivity, low annual drift, direct humidity detection
◆ LCD microcomputer controller, sensitive induction, small system error
◆ The inner tank is made of full mirror stainless steel 304, no pollution source, easy to clean

If necessary, the environmental test chamber is equipped with universal wheels to allow movement between departments. (Please note that the test space is very important, no matter where it is in the laboratory, all chambers need proper power supplies. For any questions about your chamber system, please consult thchamber). It is best to understand your testing requirements, consult your entire team to make the best decision for everyone, and work with experienced manufacturers who can provide the chamber, support and service that suits you.

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