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Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Sep 07, 2021
Temperature and humidity test is a general term. It is an engineering and manufacturing summary of a series of environmental stress tests, such as high/low temperature tests, moisture resistance tests, or temperature cycling tests. Procedures such as temperature and humidity deviation testing also belong to the umbrella.

No matter what each test type is called, they all determine the performance or behavior of the complete system, subsystem, and individual components of the finished product under normal and harsh environmental conditions. In most cases, the extreme changes are temperature and humidity. However, other environmental factors such as sand, dust, corrosion and vibration also fall into the scope of performance testing.

Technicians conduct temperature and humidity tests by immersing the product in an artificial environment. It involves a test room where temperature and humidity changes are induced, controlled, monitored and evaluated. The test chamber usually includes a vibrating table and equipment that regulates exposure to abrasives such as sand and dust.

The size of the test room varies. Some chambers are small and are designed to test tiny components such as circuit boards and controllers. The medium-sized chamber allows larger objects or small products with multiple loads to be tested on a large scale. Sometimes, very large candidates like vehicles and machines need to be tested for temperature and humidity. Custom test chambers are usually built for these applications.

Use temperature and humidity test chamber for stability test
Whether it is used for medicines, cosmetics, textiles, food and beverages or electronic products, the stability test chamber is one of the processes used by companies to determine that their products remain safe and functional on the shelf or under certain environmental conditions.

Almost no industry does not require stability testing. While focusing on evaluating the durability of the product, the stability test is also used to evaluate the accompanying packaging.

These products change hands and the environment throughout the chain of custody. They should be kept safe and protected during transportation, storage and anticipated use.

The list of products suitable for temperature and humidity testing is long. This actually depends on the expected working environment of the product. The type of test also depends on the industry in which it is applied. The following are some common industries where temperature and humidity tests are performed on a regular basis:


Each industry has its own unique products and individual specifications and test parameters. The list varies by industry and intended application. The following only lists some products and objects suitable for temperature and humidity testing:

Electrical components
Engine assembly
Batteries and solar panels
Medical diagnostic products
Medicine container
Military ammunition and weapons
Adhesives and caulks
Glass product

Further considerations when purchasing a medicine stability test chamber
There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a temperature and humidity cabinet for steady-state testing.

Size really matters. If you test multiple products or a large product at the same time, this will determine what you need to use in a chamber.

Another consideration is the type of testing you anticipate. For example, if you need to perform stability testing in addition to cyclic testing (or other iterative testing), it is best to invest in a chamber with power components to quickly change conditions.

XCH Biomedical provides various types of medical temperature/humidity test chambers, including single, double, and three-chamber types, with three functions: temperature, humidity, and light. Alarm system, double room single control, safe and reliable. Low price. They come with installation and operating instructions, as well as installation and maintenance instructions.

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