Why choose XCH Biomedical as a laboratory equipment supplier Jan 13, 2023
Does it matter where you buy your Temperature and humidity Equipment?
Not all lab equipment suppliers are created equal. Here's why you should get a quote from XCH Biomedical:

Competitive price
Since XCH Biomedical acts as the manufacturer, you get the best price possible - unlike a distributor who buys a product and then charges you a premium. Not only do we offer great prices, but we also offer premium equipment packages.

Give the right advice
We work with a number of laboratory equipment consultants and construction and engineering firms to advise on new builds or refurbishments. But no matter what, we are your resource. Even after projects are complete, companies keep calling us for ideas and advice on equipment purchases and we are happy to help.

50+ years of experience
We've sold thousands of pieces of lab equipment, which means we know how to avoid common challenges and pitfalls that can arise during the buying process. If you need help purchasing a single piece of equipment or an entire laboratory for new construction, let our experience save you time, money and hassle.

No unexpected costs
We believe in total transparency, which means we will not charge you anything during the process. Our pricing is pre-determined and our goal is to help you understand the complete cost from ordering and delivery to setup and training.

Our experienced, factory-trained representatives have the expertise to answer your questions and help you select exactly the products you need. They can also help you set up your equipment, provide training for you and your lab technicians, and answer questions throughout the product's lifecycle.

One stop supplier
With our extensive experience in laboratory equipment, including stability chamber, high and low temperature test chamber, Lab Biochemical Incubator, lab drying oven, etc. customer service is our top priority. Whether your laboratory requires a single replacement unit or an entire equipment package, XCH Biomedical is your one-stop supplier for all your laboratory equipment needs.

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