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Trusted thchamber vaccine refrigerator

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Trusted thchamber vaccine refrigerator

Dec 31, 2021

Thchamber vaccine refrigerators provide effective support for vaccine storage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even after the pandemic has passed, they will still be useful because they are not only energy efficient, but also provide excellent thermal insulation, which is very rare in the market. In addition, the device comes with a five-year warranty.

Ultra Low Temperature medical grade freezer inner tank is made of full-mirror stainless steel 304, which is free of pollution sources and easy to clean; it has an alarm system that meets GMP requirements; it has a data acquisition system that meets GMP requirements. The ultra low lab freezer is equipped with a needle printer and U disk storage as standard. It is suitable for stability test and storage of temperature-sensitive drugs.

If you need a high-quality refrigerator with a special focus on longevity and energy efficiency, then Thchamber is the answer.

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