XCH Biomedical Exclusive Title | CMC Drug Universality CAR-T Dec 20

On the live channel of Keji Pipeline Consulting & CMC Academic Exchange Platform, Jiangsu XCH Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., exclusively titled the theme of "General CAR-T Technical Route and Development Progress" on December 1, 2021, at 20:00-22:00 on the new drug imitation The drug video number was launched. This time we invited the "first person" known as "Gusu Talent" and more than 30 global patents-General Manager of Suzhou Fangdemenda New Drug Development Co., Ltd., Dr. Li Jun as the guest speaker, Together with Dr. Zhou Xinhua and Professor Jiang Xinan from Keji Pipeline Consulting, we will reveal the "R&D road of new domestic CAR-T technology" for everyone.

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