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XCH Biomedical joined the China Pharmaceutical MAH Industry Alliance as a founding member

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XCH Biomedical joined the China Pharmaceutical MAH Industry Alliance as a founding member

Nov 28, 2021

XCH Biomedical reached an agreement with China Pharmaceutical MAH Industry Alliance and joined the ALLIANCE as a founding member on August 2021.


XCH Biomedical Thermostatic Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2008, Located in Beijing Zhongguancun life science park, committed to research the temperature and humidity technology services, the company production medicine stability test chamber, constant temperature and humidity chamber, high and low temperature test chamber, incubator and saving chamber and other environmental testing equipment, the introduction of Germany advanced technology, adopt the original installation imported high quality parts, stable and reliable performance.It provides products and services to more than 2000 enterprises, and exports equipment to more than 50 countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.Backed by scientific research institutes, the company gives full play to its talent advantages, and constantly applies the latest results to products. The r&d team led by researchers and thermal engineering doctors is always serious and rigorous.The company has its own standard plant, standard test laboratory and sheet metal processing equipment, and has set up subsidiaries in jiangsu, Shanghai, guangzhou and chengdu, and offices in other provinces. The cause of life and health, only hard work, do not slack!


From biochemical incubators, drug refrigerators, environmental laboratories, etc., to provide first-class equipment and after-sales service.

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