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Choose Walk-in or Reach-in Stability Chamber?

Choose Walk-in or Reach-in Stability Chamber?

Sep 16, 2022
Which should I buy, Walk-in or Reach-in Stability Chamber? Many pharmaceutical manufacturers will ask this question.

The name of the Stability Chamber tells you the difference, and the following points will add details.

Let's treat it as pros and cons.

XCH Biomedical Walk-in Stability Chamber

Virtually unlimited size, so lots of shelf space/samples can be accommodated
One Qualification Covers a Lot of Shelf Space

Conditions in the Walk-in Stability Chamber tend to be more stable due to their larger size

Faulty chambers can cause problems with large numbers of samples
They are fixed. (XCH Biomedical can provide crane lifting support for some walk-in rooms)
Installation often requires architectural, electrical and refrigeration skills
Compressors add footprint or remoteness and therefore cost
Identification requires additional probes
Spare parts may vary by special build
They usually require 3-phase power and an additional water supply
Operator time indoors may be limited for safety reasons
Siloed space is a necessary waste of footprint

Reach-in Stability Chamber

Photostability Test Chamber

Can be easily delivered in one piece
small footprints
Can be moved easily, with casters as standard
If one Reach-in Stability Chamber fails, the sample can usually be accommodated in the other Reach-in Stability Chamber
Cold room service is easier, faster and cheaper due to smaller refrigeration system
Since they are "off the shelf" or "series" products, spare parts are usually in stock
They are single-phase powered
They have no island space
no lighting required
They are usually in stock and available for urgent sale or rental

Size is usually limited to 2000 liters
Each unit must be individually qualified
Conditions are slightly less stable than Walk-in Stability Chamber, but still several times better than ICH stability test limits.

In conclusion
So, as we can see, there are pros and cons between the two. We hope you find this information useful and that it will help you decide which is the best option for you, Walk-in or Reach-in Stability Chamber. Of course, this may also depend on budget, space and long-term plans, but if you would like to discuss further or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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