Environmental Chamber: Everything you need to know Nov 01, 2021

The laboratory environmental chamber is a space where subjects are subjected to controlled experiments, allowing users to control the environmental conditions of the enclosed space. The test room can recreate a variety of environmental conditions by using salt spray, namely temperature and humidity conditions, temperature only conditions and corrosion conditions. It can also build an environment that contains adjustable levels of dust, rain, and height.


As the name implies, the temperature and humidity test chamber is a chamber for observing and studying the effects of these changes on substances by artificially controlling the temperature and humidity indicators in the chamber. If you want to talk about the purpose of these rooms, it can be said that these rooms are strictly research and development devices designed to study the characteristics of substances and products and understand how they function under extreme climates and even degradation and environmental conditions.


It has been seen that increased heat and increased moisture are one of the main reasons for the deterioration of different products. These products can be the pharmaceutical industry, rubber industry, plastic industry, edible substances and metal substances. This is why these industries actively use humidity test chambers. The main task performed by this test chamber is to place the product in the test chamber and increase the heat and humidity levels. In this state, the product will remain exposed for a period of time. Products in these industries have been tested for chemical, mechanical and physical properties. This contributes to the positive development and improvement of the industry.


Temperature is basic

Temperature is one of the most important aspects and plays a very important role in the entire test. This is why the indoor temperature is kept at a high level. In fact, in order to test objects or products in different ways, there are many changes in the temperature level maintained indoors. The main purpose of the test is to observe the change and deterioration process of the product when exposed to a humid environment at high temperature. These test chambers are specially constructed so that the internal high temperature can be maintained for a long period of time. This is why it is equipped with a special quality glass wool panel.


The tests carried out in the environmental chamber are roughly divided into two categories:


Climate test

air pressure


Temperature and light

Dynamic Testing




turn around


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