Pharmaceutical refrigerators are very important for Covid-19 vaccine storage Jun 10, 2022

COVID-19 has brought dramatic changes to everyone's daily life. However, after a major hiatus of nearly two years, things seem to finally be improving. Part of the change is due to the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots to fight the pandemic. Because these vaccines are so valuable, it's important to store them properly so they can fight the virus as well as possible. In this article, you can learn about the importance of Pharmaceutical refrigerators for proper storage of COVID-19 vaccines and boosters for use in the fight against Covid-19.

What type of Pharmaceutical refrigerator is used for vaccines?

Because vaccines are not easy to store and are highly temperature sensitive, it is necessary to keep many of them in a Pharmaceutical refrigerator or freezer to ensure they do not spoil. Depending on the type of vaccine kept inside, their temperature range can vary widely. Typically, they run between -4F and 37F, but some specialty units may go down to -100F to safely retain certain vaccines. These refrigerators and freezers have heavy-duty doors with modern insulation and sealing gaskets to ensure consistent internal temperatures regardless of external conditions. Many will also have digital displays and warning systems to make sure you're sure the temperature is where it should be. Depending on the model, these refrigerators may also have key locks on their doors to ensure that only certain people have access to the vaccines inside.

Why does a Covid vaccine need to be kept so cold?

COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are produced using mRNA, which is unstable at higher temperatures. In the past, most vaccines were produced using weakened or inactive pathogens. When these vaccines are injected into the body, it boosts the immune system's response, which teaches the body to respond to bacteria or viruses. For mRNA vaccines like the COVID-19 vaccine, mRNA cells are created in the lab. These cells are designed to teach our body's cells how to make a protein to protect us from the virus we're fighting. However, the mRNA used in these vaccines is extremely fragile and breaks down rapidly. To address this issue, storing doses in medicine refrigerators has successfully extended the shelf life of vaccine doses, allowing us to extend the life of doses to months rather than hours.

What are the advantages of Pharmaceutical refrigerators?

The first advantage of using a Pharmaceutical refrigerator is that it keeps medicines and vaccines at the proper temperature at all times to ensure their shelf life. Medicines such as vaccines are very temperature sensitive, so keeping them at the perfect temperature is essential. Pharmaceutical refrigerators are manufactured to be very insulating and highly reliable. Another plus is that they have alarms and temperature monitors to make sure they're always at the correct temperature, and they alert the owner if they're not. Another advantage is that they are designed to promote proper air flow and not lose temperature in the event of a power outage. Finally, because they can be locked, they prevent over-opening doors and unauthorized access to sensitive medications.

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