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The best cooling laboratory incubator for you

The best cooling laboratory incubator for you

Sep 22, 2021
The biochemical incubator has excellent features to ensure the safety and quality of the culture you want to maintain. It is widely used in the fields of pharmacy, chemical industry, environmental protection, public health, agriculture, etc.; it is a special equipment for cultivating organisms for scientific research and inspection, especially the chemical processes in organisms and related to organisms. Incubators are very common in research and industry, and they have a wide range of applications in organisms.

In order to maintain the gradual development of microbial culture, the incubator regulates feasible growth factors such as temperature, humidity and ventilation. This is why in the field of biology, incubators involve many applications, such as cell and tissue culture, pharmaceutical research, hematology research, biochemical research, food processing, cell aeration, plant and animal research, solubility research, fermentation research, and bacterial research . nourish. Extracting tissue fragments from animals and plants is a very common use in a controlled environment (i.e. separating cells from a piece of tissue) and subsequently analyzing their growth.

The purpose of the laboratory incubator is to provide a controlled and pollution-free environment for the safe and reliable work of cell and tissue cultures by adjusting temperature, humidity and CO2 conditions.

Laboratory incubators are essential for the growth and storage of bacterial culture, cell and tissue culture, biochemical and hematological research, pharmaceutical work, and food analysis.

Cooling incubator with thermoelectric cooling

The thermoelectric cooling of the cooling incubator is particularly energy-saving. The advantage of these devices is low power consumption because thermoelectric cooling allows the cooling output to be adjusted in very small doses. In order to keep the temperature extremely stable, the inner cavity is completely isolated from the surrounding environment and has an adjustable convection function. This structure prevents the sample or microorganisms from drying out during the incubation process. The cooling incubator with thermoelectric cooling function is mainly used in the food industry and microbiology. Due to the low energy consumption, the cooling incubator with thermoelectric cooling function is particularly suitable for culturing at a temperature between room temperature and 37 °C, and reducing the temperature to a refrigeration level of 4 °C, such as on weekends. Since no compressor is required, these refrigerated incubators are often used in small laboratories due to their space-saving structure. We are happy to provide our customers with personal consultation on application areas and options, and to introduce you to the ideal solution.

The laboratory incubator needs:
Keep the temperature
The most common job of incubators is to maintain a certain temperature, and while they are doing, measures must be taken to ensure their success. Avoid opening the door as much as possible. If possible, take out and place multiple items at once, rather than one by one.
The incubator is usually kept at 37°C for optimal cell growth. Temperature fluctuations in either direction can be harmful and can even destroy your culture. Although the incubator always contains a temperature sensor, these sensors may not always be reliable, especially after time has passed. The best way to ensure that your incubator is running at the proper temperature is to use a temperature monitoring system.

Maintain humidity
Some cell cultures also need to maintain a certain humidity level. When the humidity is too low, your cell culture medium may evaporate, or your growth medium may become too concentrated. Always make sure that your water source is adequate. For most cultures, the appropriate humidity is about 95%. A temperature monitoring system is also essential to maintain proper humidity.

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