What are the different types of stability studies? May 09, 2022
Stability studies are typically performed on pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, beauty and cosmetic pharmacy issues and each ingredient to assess how they are affected by external factors such as light, heat, humidity, temperature, pressure, etc. Work to determine how these factors affect the drug. The test helps determine product shelf life and storage guidelines that are critical to consumer safety. Two common stability tests are real-time and accelerated.

Live testing is done by storing the drug according to recommended conditions and inspecting or monitoring the product until it fails. Products are tested at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months in the first year, twice a year in the second year, and annually thereafter until the product fails to meet specifications and safety standards.

Accelerated research requires storing products in manufacturing environments where different factors such as light or heat are accelerated to determine when a product fails. By performing accelerated studies, degradation can be predicted. XCH-TPS Photostability Test Chamber is equipped with visible light and near-ultraviolet lamp tube, Medicine Stability Chamber can independently control the type of light source, and can print and record visible light illumination and near-ultraviolet radiation in real time. Visible light and near-ultraviolet can be directly set, automatically adjusted and precisely controlled.

Containers, closures or other packaging can also be tested for stability. cosmetic

Thchamber Labs has received many testing requests from companies and organizations seeking stability testing, as follows:

Packaging labs require plastic and polymer testing of HDPE bottles for stack load stability testing and wall thickness testing

University research scientists need UK labs to test pharmaceutical compounds during stability tests on standard mouse chow. Food was formulated with this compound to a final concentration of 750 mg of drug per kg of food. To verify and establish formulation stability, we need to measure the drug concentration in the beads over a 6-month period. We need to take an initial measurement (the starting point) and then at least 2 more measurements; at the 3 month point and the 6 month point.

Large companies need material labs required for UV stability testing of HDPE: orange HDPE jacket where we have to check the jacket for UV stability and jacket life
European Product Safety Laboratories are required to conduct new cream testing for introduction to the EU and international markets, including safety assessment, stability testing, microbial contamination testing, challenge testing, shelf life prediction and any other testing deemed necessary.
Cosmetic laboratories are required to conduct cosmetic stability testing and safety assessment testing, including compatibility and challenge testing.
Nutraceutical Laboratory requires stability testing of vitamin packs sold as new water formulations. The company is sending products into large chain stores and needs to be tested for stability.
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If you are a product manufacturer or other organization requiring stability testing, please contact the Stability Chamber Manufacturer thchamber or submit an online testing request.

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