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Customers in Costa Rica ordered XCH 250CH with good reviews

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Customers in Costa Rica ordered XCH 250CH with good reviews

Oct 20, 2023

In August, an order from a customer in Costa Rica ordered our Environmental Test Chamber series, XCH 250CH constant temperature and humidity test chamber. It is used for pharmaceuticals and research. Customers gave perfect praise during use.

Clients from all walks of life have found success working with XCH Biomedical. XCH Biomedical firmly believes that time is money and applies this philosophy to every aspect of its services, from designing industry-leading testing rooms to ensuring clients get the most out of them.

Finding the Right Environmental Chamber
XCH Biomedical's goal is to provide the right solution for you. The sales team will ask basic questions about your testing needs:

What will you test, will the device under test heat up?
How many quantities will you test at one time?
What temperature range do you want?
Do you need humidity?
What size room do you envision?

Let's consider that last question for a moment to emphasize the importance of these conversations. The details of your testing will determine the appropriate volume for your chamber. For example, you don't want to fill more than 70% of the chamber working space. Doing so can affect airflow, and overloading can overwhelm the cooling system—especially if the DUT is heating up.

Therefore, XCH Biomedical will help you determine the right size, even if it is not what you originally envisioned. It could be one larger chamber, or they can advise you to buy multiple chambers to accommodate smaller batches (in fact, companies, especially battery companies, have found that this method yields higher efficiencies) .

Ultimately, XCH Biomedical believes in its customers doing the right thing. They will provide you with standard models if they suit your needs - typically for steady state or stability testing. For custom builds, they will ensure the chamber meets your current requirements and ask if your testing needs will change in order to prepare you for short-term and long-term success. XCH Biomedical even provides consultation on laboratory design to help you plan for expansion.

Once you've settled on your room, expect constant communication throughout the build.

If you notice anything that requires expert advice, please call XCH Biomedical.

XCH Biomedical is available 24/7 from the first conversation through the entire testing process to ensure success and give you peace of mind.

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