Different applications of Biomedical refrigerators Jun 15
Biomedical refrigerators are medical devices used to store samples of various biological origins, such as blood, blood derivatives, biological reagents, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, flammable chemicals, ribonucleic acid (RBA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). These products provide optimal conditions and ensure the efficient storage required for biological samples.

Samples such as RNA and DNA are stored in biomedical refrigerators at temperatures between -70°C and -80°C or even lower.
Vaccines, whole blood and plasma products are stored in plasma refrigerators with a temperature range between -30°C and -40°C.
Blood component products or whole blood are stored in blood bank refrigerators.

Biomedical refrigerators are widely used in hospitals, blood banks, diagnostic centers, pharmacies, educational institutions and research laboratories.


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