Vacuum Drying Enters a New Stage Jun 10
Vacuum ovens are mainly used for gentle and fast drying of various materials and goods. For example, in the electrical industry, components or printed circuit boards are dried, and in medical technology, for example, vacuum ovens are used to dry titanium powders for orthopaedic materials. Vacuum ovens can also be found in the food industry, for example, for the production of dried fruit, to test the preservation and dehydration of foods or to develop fast and gentle variants for this. The pharmaceutical industry requires vacuum ovens to dry pharmaceuticals, powders and granules, for example, to determine moisture content for quality assurance.

XCH Biomedical laboratory drying oven is divided into Vacuum Drying oven and Electric Thermostatic Air Drying Oven. 15 Years Progress and Service. Welcome to contact us.

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