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Aug 23, 2023

Today we are going to tell the story of a stable room spanning more than 8,000 kilometers, crossing the ocean, and finally settled in Frankfurt.

On November 7, CPHI Worldwide Europe ended successfully. Since then, Jiangsu XCH Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd first trip to the international market for XCH came to a successful conclusion and returned to China. But they left their child (a stable room) in Frankfurt forever.

In order to actively participate in this exhibition, the XCH-150GS Stability Chmaber, which just went offline at the end of September, was selected. I didn't expect that it would be packaged soon. Then take a boat to Amsterdam, then take a truck to Frankfurt, to CPHI.

Let us wish it a pleasant stay in Frankfurt, this is a happy journey. Also for XCH, this is an important step towards the international market. Hope to take this opportunity to open the door to the European market. Let "Made in China" continue to develop in the field of stability rooms. XCH will continue to follow our original intention. Good control of product quality and good after-sales service. In the future, we will continue to cooperate with you to escort your needs. Then I will see you in the United States in April next year.

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